Fire Prone (pyrophytic) Plants

Fire Prone (pyrophytic) Plant List

Common native and non-native pyrophytic plant species in San Mateo County, CA.

Species (scientific name)

Common Name

Abies spp.

Fir trees

Adenostoma fasciculatum

Chamise, Greasewood

Adenostoma sparsifolium


Arctostaphylos spp.


Artemesia californica


Baccharis spp.

Coyote brush

Bambusa spp.


Cortaderia jubata

Jubata grass

Cortaderia selloana

Pampas grass

Cupressus spp.

Cypress species

Cytisus scoparius

Scotch broom

Eucalyptus globulus

Blue gum eucalyptus

Genista monspessulanus

French broom

Juniperus communis

Common juniper

Juniperus flaccida

Weeping juniper

Pennisetum spp.


Picea spp.


Pinus attenuata

Knobcone pine

Pinus coulteri

Coulter pine

Pinus muricata

Bishop pine

Pinus radiata

Monterey pine

Pinus sabiniana

Gray pine

Pinus serotina

Pond pine

Pinus sylvestris

Scots pine

Pinus torreyana

Torrey pine

Rosmarinus officinalis


Spartium junceum

Spanish broom

Thuja spp.


Tsuga spp.


Ulex europea


Codes and Law

Defensible Space Codes

Public Resources Code 4291
State Fire Safe Regulations and defensible space codes.

CA Code of Regulations Title 14
Fire Safe Regulations dealing with emergency access, address signage and water standards

Guidelines to Creating Defensible Space
(Adopted by the Board of Forestry 2/8/06)

Building Codes

CA Building Code Chapter 7A
Building materials and construction methods for exterior wildfire exposure. 

CA Fire Code Chapter 47
Standards to increase a buildings ability to resist flames and burning embers. - See more here...