Embers are the most important cause of home ignition. Recent research indicates that two out of every three homes destroyed during the 2007 Witch Creek fire in San Diego County were ignited either directly or indirectly by wind-dispersed, wildfire-generated, burning or glowing embers (Maranghides and Mell 2009) and not from the actual flames of the fire. These embers are capable of igniting and burning your home in several ways. In order to have a wildfire-safe home, two equally important factors must be implemented: 1) the wise selection of building materials and designs that will help the home resist the wildfire; and 2) the home must have adequate defensible space, based on the wise selection, placement, and maintenance of near-home vegetation.

Flying embers destroy homes up to a mile from wildland areas. Prepare (harden) your home now before fire starts.  


Be Ember Aware 1/2

Be Ember Aware 2/2

Radiant heat versus embers.  An interview with Jack Cohen, Fire Sciences Researcher, Fire Sciences Lab, Missoula, Mt.

IBHS Ember Study

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